Thursday, 21 April 2011

Use Your Acquired Knowledge and Get Your High School Diploma

Prior learning provides individuals a chance to earn educational credits for their acquired knowledge and skills. Prior learning is a recognition system for people, who devote their lives to their professions and they learn a lot while on the job. Without prior learning this whole work experience has no value on an academic level, but going through the evaluation process of prior learning one can get educational credentials for their experience.

Nation High School offers high school diploma based on prior learning. Nation High school’s prior learning based high school diploma program evaluates students for high school level academic skills. Most individuals often gain enough knowledge to qualify for a high school diploma by just working for a couple of years in any respective field. In a way, prior learning is similar to GED (General Education Development). However, instead of making students go through a lengthy process of tests, Nation high school evaluates them based on their skills and knowledge.

The purpose behind prior learning is to enable individuals to pursue higher education degrees, or get better paying jobs, or simply to get recognition for their learning. Nation High School Diploma provides this recognition to the students and empowers them with an accredited high school diploma. Nation High School also believes that prior learning based high school diplomas also save students time and money they would otherwise spend on classes. Nation High School’s prior learning based diploma is also an opportunity for individuals who currently have full time jobs, or other responsibilities and they are simply unable to take time out for classes and school.

The main mission of Nation High School is to be an education provider that considers all individuals who want to pursue their goals. It opens the doors to higher education, admission and acceptance into colleges and universities, and better paying jobs.

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