Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Word of Appreciation for All My Teachers

“Teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures.”
~Eugene P. Bertin

Teachers motivate us, inspire us, and help us develop our personality. They say, when life wanted to bless us, it gifted us a teacher. A teacher aims to build us, transfer their knowledge, wisdom and power to us. Teachers are our mentors, who, through their wealth of knowledge and experience, mould our characters and develop our personalities.

A teacher is a person who has a keen vision; s/he is a seer, a sage and a saint who is profound with his/her thoughts, and helps you become able and useful individuals of society. He/she helps you see things in a realistic way, based on facts and real-life examples, providing you an immense opportunity to learn firsthand and discarding dogmas and false interpretations that block your way to logic and reason. In fact, a teacher teaches, inspires and guides. He/she gives you a purpose of life. He/she is experienced and he practices what he preaches.

They are the answer to every question. They are the solution to every problem. They are a master, a Guru, a friend, a philosopher and a guide. They are perfect; they are the people who can unlock treasures within your heart. They give you insight into the secrets of the universe. Teaching is like a cultivating a garden and those who would have nothing to do with thorns must never attempt to gather flowers.

Today I would like to take the honor to thank all my teachers for helping me become what I am today; they helped me mould my personality and become a better person than I was before.

It was great pleasure to see various schools and universities highlighting the key role of teachers in the building of society and heaping praise on them, which they truly deserve. While some just gave them a mere gift as a token of appreciation there were a few who actually arranged special events to acknowledge the services of teachers. I was enrolled at Nation High School and I must take pride in telling all my reader out there that we were one of the many who actually arranged a special reward program to acknowledge the services of our teachers.

My School acknowledged the teachers by giving them special souvenirs and cards. Moreover, they gave recognition awards to those who had been working our school for more than three years. Many senior teachers were also sent personal letters of appreciations by our school’s president himself.

Finally, I thank all my teachers for giving their precious time to me and helping me develop my personality.

This entry was contributed to the blog by Susan White, a proud Nation High School graduate. 

Friday, 22 April 2011

Nation High School New Easier & Comprehensive Diploma Program

Queen of the World

Nation high school has recently announced a new, more comprehensive yet easier evaluation system for GED alternative high school diploma program. The purpose of these changes is to make test procedure simpler and hassle free for students while also achieving the goal of making it more comprehensive. Nation high school is an accredited online school which means that the school follows a higher standard of quality guidelines provided by the accreditation agency. NHS tries to not only meet those quality guidelines but also tries to set new standards for others to follow.

The main Goal of Nation high school is to make quality education accessible to every one. The school administration considers cost and hassle as two major obstacles in the way of adults who want to obtain a high school diploma but cannot afford to do so. Nation high school offers them diploma programs that make studying easier and convenient for them. Using the internet as the medium to deliver the course material, NHS keeps the cost of education to a minimum level.

The GED alternative high school diploma program is especially designed for individuals who are considering GED tests to prove their academic skills level. Even though it is a well known fact that a high school diploma is preferred by employers and colleges over GED. Also GED testing procedures are quite complicated in some States than others. Nation High School provides a similar testing program with flexibility and convenience.

GED alternative program is not the only thing that is improved by NHS. The school is also reviewing prior learning based diploma program and soon the same principles of hassle free evaluation will be implemented into prior learning based high school diploma program. Currently Nation high school's prior learning based high school diploma program is one of the easiest among other online schools.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Use Your Acquired Knowledge and Get Your High School Diploma

Prior learning provides individuals a chance to earn educational credits for their acquired knowledge and skills. Prior learning is a recognition system for people, who devote their lives to their professions and they learn a lot while on the job. Without prior learning this whole work experience has no value on an academic level, but going through the evaluation process of prior learning one can get educational credentials for their experience.

Nation High School offers high school diploma based on prior learning. Nation High school’s prior learning based high school diploma program evaluates students for high school level academic skills. Most individuals often gain enough knowledge to qualify for a high school diploma by just working for a couple of years in any respective field. In a way, prior learning is similar to GED (General Education Development). However, instead of making students go through a lengthy process of tests, Nation high school evaluates them based on their skills and knowledge.

The purpose behind prior learning is to enable individuals to pursue higher education degrees, or get better paying jobs, or simply to get recognition for their learning. Nation High School Diploma provides this recognition to the students and empowers them with an accredited high school diploma. Nation High School also believes that prior learning based high school diplomas also save students time and money they would otherwise spend on classes. Nation High School’s prior learning based diploma is also an opportunity for individuals who currently have full time jobs, or other responsibilities and they are simply unable to take time out for classes and school.

The main mission of Nation High School is to be an education provider that considers all individuals who want to pursue their goals. It opens the doors to higher education, admission and acceptance into colleges and universities, and better paying jobs.

Online Self Study High School Diploma Program

Nation High School is an online school that offers accredited high school diploma programs. The school offers GED alternative diploma program and a self-study high school diploma program.

Nation High School’s study at home diploma program allows students to learn at their own speed and from anywhere. Nation High School offers interactive online classes, which are accessible to students 24/7. The main goal of Nation High School is to make education affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. To achieve this target, Nation High School has offered minimum fee structure which is same for all students. The school has recently waived off admission fee, admission-processing fee, and even online classes fee. This has significantly reduced the cost of attending Nation High School.

Education for All

High School Diploma awarded by Nation High school has global accreditation, which means it is recognized and accepted all over the world. Unlike conventional high school diplomas, which have only local recognition, Nation high school’s diplomas are globally accredited.

The administration at Nation High School believes that with the ease and flexibility of their high school diploma program, they would be able to attract many students particularly those who desperately need a high school diploma to excel in their lives. Nation High School provides a smaller first goal to people who have big dreams and want to pursue higher goals.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Nation High School’s GED Alternative Diploma Program

GED or General Education Diploma, is a set of tests in five subject areas which, when passed, certify that the person has American or Canadian high school level skills. Employers often refer to GED as “good enough diploma” which is kind of a behavioral thing that is associated with GED.

Generally, when people hear of GED holders, they think of high school dropouts who later took GED, or immigrants who took GED tests to get American level credentials for their high school level skills. All these groups are often subject to social stereotyping behaviors where it is assumed, that people with GED are somehow less capable of performing their jobs than people with High School Diploma. This reduces the chances of GED holders to get better paying jobs than high school diploma holders do, it also affects their future career growth and their prospects of better living.

Nation High School offers a solution by introducing "GED Alternative Program" that addresses this problem. Nation High School offers an accredited High School Diploma on completion of an evaluation test. The test is similar to the GED but the students get an accredited and recognized high school diploma. Nation High School has made the procedure very simple for the students. Once you enroll, you can take the test at your convenience. In addition, since the test is taken on a secure online server, you can take the test from anywhere in the world.

Nation High School Reviews - An Introduction

About Nation High School

One of the pioneers in the field of online education, Nation High School is an accredited online high school. Nation High School has been around for many years and has rewarded diplomas to thousands of students from many different countries. Unlike public high schools, Nation High School offers a variety of choices to its students.
  • Nation High School Diploma For GED Alternative Program
  • Nation High School Diploma For Self-Study Program
  • Nation High School Diploma For Prior Learning Program
Visit the official website to learn more about these choices. The mission of Nation High School is to provide quality education to as many individuals as possible. A High School Diploma opens many new doors to individuals. They can go to college, find a better paying job, get recognition for their services, etc. Nation High School wants to help you get through that door of opportunities. 

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